Past karmas lead us to a destiny which has to be fulfilled..Don’t even know the exact point where I died as old Abha and emerged as the pure, positive soul totally surrendered to ShreeNathji..

Shree Thakurjee, Shree RadhaKrishn is very Alive around us and the distance experienced is only from our side.

“Very, very rare selected Vaishnavas are allowed to enter that realm where you have been invited”. I am gently reminded often.

Read all about ShreeNathji Prabhu on my website dedicated to ShreeNathji Himself:


In quiet meditation@ Giriraj Govardhan; the place from where ShreeNathji Thakurjee Appeared in 1409 AD

हमारे जैसे विचार हैं वे ही आगे चल कर कर्म रूप लेते हैं। जैसे शब्दों  का प्रयोग करते हैं, वैसी ऊर्जा उदीप्त होती है।

सकारात्मक शब्द ,शुभ ऊर्जा की उत्पत्ति करते हैं।

I am fortunate enough to travel often to Vraj Mandal (The land of Divinity) and love being at Shri Govardhan and Vrindavan. I feel deep anand and bliss here at Vraj Mandal; the vibrancy and magnetism of Vrindavan is unimaginable.

Vraj is the place where I belong and is my real home… My Atma finds peace and unlimited joy in this divine land of ShreeNathji, Shree RadhaKrishn.

व्रज भूमि अनुपम,अगम, अपार। जो सुख नहीं पूरे संसार में, वो शांति है मेरे व्रज में!

For me taking pictures is also a meditative moment. Never has a moment passed when I am without a camera on my yatras at Vraj and at ShreeNathji Gaushala. Many many moments have been captured and kept for future reference. This need to take a photo of every corner of Vraj is so deeply imbedded in me. Many Vrajvasi have commented on my photography; ‘do I come to do darshans or take photos’!!

In fact Gurushree and ShreeNathji Prabhu have joked about this obsession I have of carrying my camera everywhere. (This is only in Vraj and Nathdwara, nowhere else do I so faithfully carry a camera or take photos).

Shreeji makes a favorite joke about this many times, आभा तू  क्या करेगी अगर मैं अचानक तेरे सामने खड़ा हो गया? सुधीर देखना ये मुझे पक्का ऐसे ही बोलेगी, ‘श्रीजी जरा ठहरो मैं कैमरा लेकर आती हूँ जाना मत‘,

And both Gurushree and ShreeNathji Thakurjee have a good laugh with this joke every time.

Life is a journey of moments, each moment leading to another; the quality of life depending on how much awareness you live each moment with.

Photography is all about moments;  Moments…in Life; A moment.. Or few moments.. ‘एक पल ..  या कुछ पल

Each moment is special somewhere for someone in Parmatma’s creation.

प्रभु चरणों में समर्पित है यह जीवन,

लक्ष भी ठाकुरजी, रास्ता भी ठाकुरजी, साथ चलने वाले भी ठाकुरजी, भटक जाऊँ तो सीधे करने वाले भी ठाकुरजी।


Warm regards and shubh aashish,
Abha Shahra Shyama

Jai Shreeji!
Shreeji Ki Jai Ho!

A small poem dedicated to my Dear ShreeNathji,



19 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s lovely to meet you. I share the truth of the final underlined sentence here. Authenticity is key.
    Thank you so much for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    Namaste, Alison

  2. Your writings about Sri Vrindavan Dham, Nidhivan, your spiritual path, devotion and insights have touched my heart. I was fortunate to visit Vrindavan two times, and now my heart wishes to go back there again. Thank you! Jai Radhe Shyam!

  3. Braj Dham is divine and if there is purity in your bhao, the sacredness of this divine place holds you in a tight embrace. I appreciate your stopping by!
    May you be able to visit Shree RadhaKrishn Dham very soon.
    Jai Shree RadhaKrishn-ShreeNathji!

  4. Hi Alison, thank you.
    I appreciate your lovely view on having courage to walk your path. The strength behind your journey is amazing. Read about your visit to my country and how it has affected you. My country is a place of the highest contrasts and extremes. Whether its a good or bad thing, i am never able to judge. I enjoy reading about your travels.

  5. I am looking for the books – 84 Vaisnavas and 252 Vaisnavas in English. Can you please help me with this?

  6. Yes. They are available at Gokul. Contact person is Deepu Pandit: 05661–272201;05661-272256

  7. Resp. Abhaji, Pranam.

    I am searching for Chaiti Gulab Gulkand for medicinal purpose.
    Can you suggest me the name from whom shall i get it.


  8. jAI SHREE Krishna Abha ji. I read your blog very much. I love ur devotion and words on everything thats Krishna. I have a request. I am vaishnav. I need a Tulsi Kanthi and Tulsi Beads Rosary big beads for Neck and japa. Let me know how to get it authentic like you got froma Divine pure Soul in your photos and Blog. I donot need thin one, big one. Please help me get the beads and kanthi from the divine soul and also let me know how should i get it energised or say divine from temple. I live in Mumbai. kandivli, but after reading your Blog , I donot feel buying from anywhere. i came across tuslimala.com and tulsikanthi.com, but after ur photos, i need such thing from you. pleas ehelp. write me on kamleshbhatia79@gmail.com, Tel: 9930025608

  9. Thank you for your inquiry. Even though I would like to help you source the Tulsi kanthi, I really do not know any other besides this old lady. She makes the thin beads. If you want this I will be happy to courier them to you, as I have them here in Mumbai with me. Many Vaishnavs use a gold wire to re make them and wear in around their neck.But if I visit Vrindavan and come across someone who is authentic, I will get for you. Jai Shree Krishn.

  10. Jai Shri Krishna Abhaji, I am looking towards educational help for my daughter. Can Shrrenathji Trust Grant me a Educational help?. my name is Bhavesh C. Vyas and my mobile no. is 9699236868. Thanks and Jai Shri Krishna.

  11. Jai Sri Radhe
    I visited Shyam Van about an year ago, and the experience over there haunts me day and night. I will visit again and again to experience that. Modern science has no means to explain these spiritual peculiarities. Only the principles of Veda have explanation.

  12. Resp.Abhaji
    Your writings about Sri Vrindavan Dham, Nidhivan, your spiritual path, devotion and insights have touched my heart. Still i had not visited vraj , and now my heart eagerly wishes to go. Thank you! Jai Shree Radhe Krushn.

  13. Vijay Kumar 🙏 namaste.
    Spiritual experiences also can be varied depending on what one is seeking. Numerous times we like to think and feel that we are having some spiritual experiences when they may just be varied thoughts originating from the mind.
    True spiritual anubhities will bring permanent change and progress.
    You ask rest..?
    Well according to all Hindu scriptures rest is all maya..we just have to wake up to reality which might not be a very pleasant experience to begin with

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