Keeping shraddha..No matter what..!

ShreeNathji 🙏

क्या प्रार्थना करूँ?

क्या माँगू आपसे; चाह का तो कोई अंत नहीं होता,


प्रभु कृपा रखना आपकी की कभी राह से नहीं भटकूँ

हमेशा शुभ भावना हो सभी के लिए

लोभ और राग-द्वेष से परे रहकर आपमें समर्पित रहूँ;

तन, मन, धन, आत्मा, वचन, आपको समर्पित 🙏

‘Keeping complete shraddha no matter what happens, is the highest form of prarthna in bhakti’.

“जितना झुकेंगे उतना ज्यादा पाएँगे”

आध्यात्मिक राह पर कभी भी लोभी और लालची नहीं हो सकते।

प्रभु श्रीनाथजी प्रेरणा और गुरुश्री के आशीर्वाद से,

एक लेखक होने से समझा है की जीवन में जो भी पाते है, हमेशा बाँटना चाहिए।

यही श्री कृष्ण कहते हैं गीता में, “तेरा कर्म है बाँटते रहना (share); जो लायक हैं और शुद्ध भाव से प्रभु भक्ति में लीन हैं; वो पा ही जाएगा”.

आशा है की प्रभु प्रेम और श्रीजी के नटखट खेल का आनंद आप सभी को हमेशा पहुँचता रहे 🙏

जय हो प्रभु 🙏

सप्रेम 🌹

This photo is from the pavitr Dham of Shri Gangotri, Shri Yamnotri dham @ Vraj Mandal.

श्री गंगोत्री, श्री यमनोत्रि धाम, श्री केदारनाथ, श्री बद्रीनाथ व्रज में विराजते हैं।

@ काम्य वन, Kamya Van, Vraj Mandal.

This photo is from the pavitr Dham of Shri Gangotri, Shri Yamnotri dham @ Vraj Mandal


‘Reset your normal..’ If you wish to continue to live in harmony and peace

(A note from a close friend, which I share with her permission)

How does one deal with the suddenness of a life threatening disease?

As it can completely throw you off all plans you might’ve made for the future..

‘Unless you reset your normal and acknowledge the realistic situation that has entered your life, you’ll continue to grapple in the dark emotions. Accepting the reality of what has happened is the first step to recovery ..’

As we count blessings..

Not many of us actually sit with a paper and pen to list all blessings we receive on a daily basis.

But until the moment we have consciously sat down to list the positive, blessed situations and relationships we have in our life, we’ll tend to over look some of the most extraordinary gifts granted to us.

I too like many of you, have read and heard this ‘Count your blessings’, truth enough times; of how we should always look on what we have rather then keep a track of all that is missing.

And I’ve acknowledged this fact also most of the time.

But this point by point listing; which is to sit and write it all on paper has been a literal eye opener.

To recognise and experience this fact of counting blessings daily; took a serious illness with an extreme surgery and a very low point in my health status. Once the worst was over, I found it tough coming to terms with what had happened and experienced tremendous anger and loss, with a desire to isolate myself and most of the days not get out of bed.

Tough to understand though, that there are times when serious illnesses could be actually a blessing in disguise (this is a general term and many serious illness can be fatal too). They make you sit back and rethink all that is important in your life; if all that you were doing is actually worth anything anymore.

A major lifestyle change is priority. It forces you to take a complete physical, physiological, mental, emotional detox.

It pushes you into making lifestyle changes; changes which you never thought you had the strength to go through. And once put in that changed lifestyle where preserving health becomes a priority, there is no other way you’d wish to live.

As then you will have tasted the benefits of self discipline and self regulation; in several areas of your life. Most importantly of what you eat and when you eat. Body actually feels like a mandir where each morsel of food you put in, matters.

This is my thought five months into recovery from cancer surgery.

I give thanks each day for receiving the energy to be out of bed and doing normal chores; and have learnt to live from day to day; or as all my therapists have told me to henceforth plan and live three months at a time.

As limited types of food is permitted life has become simple; no longer I am planning meals from the time I wake up.

Life has also become about taking care of my emotional health before anything or anyone else. As realising that if I am not emotionally healthy I will be toxic to all around me. Will spread the poison of negativity and despair with my unhealthy emotions.

Finally taught me to express gratitude to the Shaktis who gave strength to live from each day to the next day.. gave courage and understanding to accept what happened,

and most important not to ask this oft repeated question “WHY ME”.. As I understand today that I am the only creator of any and every situation I face in my life.


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Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-6

Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-6



Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-5

Vraj Mandal Jhanki-Fulfil longing For Drishy of Divine Bhumi-5











Shree Bhagwan Narsingh Maharaj mandir

Shree Bhagwan Narsingh Maharaj mandir

वैशाख शुक्ल चतुर्दशी

श्री नरसिंह भगवान जयंती 🙏🙏

नीचे श्री नरसिंह महाराज के दर्शन, जो गिरिराज गोवर्धन के परिक्रमा मार्ग पर है।

श्री विष्णु भगवान के चौथे अवतार आज के दिन पृथ्वी पर प्रगट हुए 🙏🙏

यह प्राचीन मंदिर श्री गोवर्धन के पूँछरी की ओर एक टीले पर स्थित है। 🙏🙏

यहाँ से अप्सरा कुंड और नवल कुंड के दर्शन होते हैं।

जय श्रीनाथजी प्रभु

जय श्री गोवर्धननाथजी

जय गिरिराज धरण

Purity always matters

As the stage gets Bigger, Sound gets Louder, Crowd gets larger. THE SHAKTI, quietly leaves

The Divine stays stable in purity, Purity of bhao being the most important.

The Divine stays stable where there is purity of Bhao

The Fragrant Garden holiday

As I enter this holiday home the first thing to catch my attention is this huge ‘Madhu Malti-Bel’ which covers the back entrance of the house. It’s like a dream come true!

Fragrant Madhu Malti creeper which frames the back door

And as I discover in a walk around the lovely garden I realise it has all possible fragrant plants and trees around. OMG. This tall parijat😳 with the equally tall yellow desi SonChampa trees around it. The Ananta bush, the mogras, the Plumeria-Champa in every colour and variety! I discover that every corner has been filled with a fragrant bush. Bushes of Kamini fill the garden. Surely all year through must be filled with their seasonal aromas.

This MadhuMalti-bel is extraordinary! As it’s in full bloom.

The fragrance that it gives off fills all senses and I have to literally fight the urge to just laze under it all day till I drown in the natural aroma.
Lazing in the verandah has now become a habit

I find myself on this rocking chair every morning taking a nap besides this aromatic creeper, till I am woken up by the nudge of a nose from this Indibreed dog who claims ownership of this verandah. Which then reminds me of the takeaway sentence from this trip, courtesy Amisha my daughter;

“You have to learn to co exist, it is the natural way to live”!

Well I am trying this new life lesson and it does make a lot of sense: Even when I learnt that I was actually on the pot with a frog under me 😩

To take this photo I literally had to fight off few spiders 🕷 from the shoulders and brush off spider webs off my face.

As the sun rises and it’s rays hit the ground, this fragrance fills the surroundings. I have spent mornings and evenings, taking in this wonderful fragrance. It’s actually been a long standing desire to create this fragrant garden around me. Circumstances have not been conducive to it, I find myself living this dream here. The fulfilment of one more desire with kripa from my Thakurjee. (with help from my dear Tiki)


Bhagwan Shree Krishn Janm Sthal

Bhagwan Shree Krishn Janm Sthal at Mathura

Karagaar (Prison) is the place where Bhagwan Shree Krishn took birth to Devki maa and Shri Vasudev; in the Dwapur Yug and was immediately carried away in the dark night by Nand Baba to Gokul.

शुभ श्री कृष्ण जन्म अष्टमी 🙏🙏 रोहिणी नक्षत्र में आधि रात को कंस के कारागार में जन्मे थे हमारे प्रिय श्री कृष्ण। 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

जय श्री कृष्ण 🙏🙏

Details with photos:

On my visit here, I found the security to be very extensive, which did not make sense as there are several super sacred spots in Vraj which have been left to deteriorate and vanish. The only reason for this high alert security as I later realised, is because of the mosque built adjacent to this mandir.

The Shree Krishn Janm bhumi complex today:

Under the chairmanship of Swami Shri Akhandananda Saraswati, the then Vice President of the Trust, a group of enthusiastic young volunteers of Mathura started clearing the mounds and filling up the pits through Shram Daan on the auspicious day, 15th October, 1953.

Later, the work continued for several years with great perseverance under the leadership of Shri Babulal Bajaj and Shri Phool Chand Khandelwal.

Thus began the restoration and construction of the karagaar (prison) and the magnificent Shri Krishna Janmasthan complex, which was completed in February 1982 and what we see today.


The Krishn Janm bhumi complex as it stands today; Mandir 

This is the main entry gate today, where the security is enormous. No mobile phones are also allowed and the checking at the gate is very high


The main entry gate for Bhagwan Krishn Janm Sthal mandir


The mandir complex as viewed from the main road


A closer view of the complex

 The sacred mandir that stands today is the 5th or 6th remake of the original destroyed by the Moghul’s over and over again.

Jai Shree Radhe Krishn

 कृष्‍ण जन्‍मस्‍थान का संक्षिप्त इतिहास 🙏

आज मथुरा में जिस जगह पर श्री कृष्‍ण जन्‍मस्‍थान के दर्शन है, वह पांच हजार साल पहले राजा कंस का कारागार हुआ करता था।

रोहिणी नक्षत्र में आधी रात को भगवान कृष्‍ण का जन्‍म इसी कारागार में हुआ था।

कटरा केशवदेव को ही कृष्ण जन्मभूमि माना है।

राजा बज्रनाभ जो श्री कृष्ण के प्रपौत्र थे, यहाँ पहला मंदिर बनवाया था।

इतिहास में लिखा है की दूसरी बार राजा विक्रमादित्य ने मंदिर का निर्माण करा था। राजा चंद्रगुप्त विक्रमादित्य द्वारा बनवाए गए इस भव्य मंदिर पर महमूद गजनवी ने सन १०१७ ई. में आक्रमण करा था। उस ने इसे लूटने के बाद पूर्ण रूप से तोड़ दिया था।

तीसरी बार राजा विजयपाल देव ने इस मंदिर का निर्माण करा जो सिकंदर लोदी ने तोड़ा।

चौथी बार इस मंदिर का निर्माण राजा वीर सिंह देव बुंदेला ने करा; जो औरंगजेब ने १६६९ में तुड़वाया

और इसके एक भाग पर ईदगाह का निर्माण करा।

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