Malkapur visit



Malkapur is a small town in Maharashtra, India.

This page is developed as an expression of gratitude for the wonderful Kochar family, whose hospitality we enjoyed for four days in the first week of February 2014.

Gurushree, Shri Sudhir bhai, and us were invited to visit Malkapur to meet all the family members, and who wished to have enjoy a Satsang (Spiritual talk) with Sudhir bhai and honour him as their son’s Guru.

It’s not an everyday occurrence, that one gets to meet a family who is so warm and devoted.

It is Ritesh Kochar who is a disciple of Sudhir bhai, and his entire family places complete trust and faith in his following.

The immediate family of eight welcomed us with so much warmth and respect and extended honour; I will always remember this visit as a very unique one in my life.

In fact the extended family members of six brothers were an example of humility and warmth, who went out of their way to make us comfortable in every way.

I also have to mention the unusual special meals that they served us, going out of their way to make sure that the menu and taste was perfect.

Arunaji, Roopali, Ritu – thank you for the special cooking you all did for us. Shri Suganchandji and Tusharji, thank you for the hospitality, and special mention to the lovely children, Parth and Malini who were there to run any task required.

Ritesh, thank you for inviting us to your home, with so much love, warmth, respect; and making us meet all the wonderful family people

I will always remember this one trip as a wonderful four days spent with a family, where the olden traditions of Indian hospitality are yet alive.


Kripa and Blessings

Kripa and Blessings from the super powers create miracles in our lives.

As pure and soft as these dewdrops, they enter us in the most subtle manner, many times without us even being aware of the divine miracle that has happened in our life.

Miracles may look like coincidences to the unbelieving, but in reality are part of the perfect plan in God’s work.

Blessings and kripa open us to some wonderful happenings. Blessings from the super powers transform our lives positively to the greatest extent and very few souls in our world can be worthy of receiving them. It has to be some very positive karmas of the past, that one’s life becomes worthy of being showered with kripa and blessings.

God showers blessings through the divine guru.

In my life the super powers are my God and Guru.

God – MahaGurushree – ShreeNathji

Divine Guru – Gurushree – Sudhir bhai

I bow down with gratitude for their love and kripa on all my family.

Jai Shreeji!

merged swarup

Living flowers are the fragrance of God

“You have no right to give death penalty to these beautiful flowers”, says Gurushree Sudhir Bhai

“Flowers, in a natural way give fragrance; you cannot give untimely death to them”.

I do not accept flowers from last nearly 8-10 years as my understanding says we should not pluck flowers for our pleasure. Living flowers are the fragrance of God, Presence of God”. “Giving a bouquet of flowers as wishes to someone is not right, as you had no right to pluck the flowers in the first place for your senses; they can be plucked when there is some correct purpose to it only”.

“But even after all the understanding that I try to give people around me, if some flowers come to me as a gift I look after them tenderly; and when all their fragrance and beauty is over I give them a proper funeral by putting them in water. I do not just throw them in the dustbin”.

“Flowers, nature, must be respected, their beauty and fragrance is to be enjoyed when they are alive in their natural surroundings. If you yet wish to gift flowers, then gift them live in a pot, or gift a garden to me, I will take full care and look after them. In this way I receive your wishes also and can enjoy the living beauty and fragrance of the plants and flowers” says Gurushree.

These are the sentiments of Gurushree and if one thinks deeply show us how we could learn enjoyment without being selfish.


I would also accept Nature as a gift from God which is complete with all colours and fragrances. It could also be called the canvas of God where He delights our senses with His creations. All this He provides to us free and there is no restriction placed on who can enjoy the beauty.

His painting is visible in the uncountable varieties of colour and designs and fragrance in nature.

Respect for all life in nature is very deeply connected with spirituality.